The 5 Day VA Challenge

Join thousands in making Virtual Assistance YOUR ticket to freedom

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Wanna become a kickass VA and have the ability to live and work anywhere?

Have you got what it takes?

This challenge will give you incredible clarity on how to start your own successful Virtual Assistant business

  • You’ll be challenged to look at your existing skills, core values & why you want to be a VA
  • Learn our tried and true systematic approach to finding clients that you can use over and over
  • Find out who you want to be working with and how you can serve them best from the get-go
  • Immerse yourself into a high-vibe, supportive community who have your best interests at heart
  • Find out the BEST way to find your first ever clients without paying for ads or spamming people!
  • Have the opportunity to build real relationships with others who are keen to go nomad and build profitable VA businesses
  • Butt-kicking opportunities to hold yourself and others accountable with our accountability buddy system
  • Get training and support on both an entrepreneurial mindset and beginner’s technical skills for VAs
  • Do your first ever livestream, publish your FB business page, learn how to engage with prospects
  • Get pushed outside of your comfort zone – this is where real change and magic can happen
  • Livestream Q&A sessions from your hosts where you can ask us ANYTHING
  • You really can get a client within 5 days if you show up, trust the process and put the work in!


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What Students Are Saying...

Simone Johnson
Virtual Assistant

I feel so inspired by Hannah (THANK YOU) and everyone working toward their visions. I literally was on the brink of giving up on digital nomad life when I found Digital Nomad Kit. I now know it IS possible to be location independent and that it requires work, community support, tolerance for failure and the ability to get back up and be persistent and driven.

DNK is awesome! Great mentors and a great community. It is all about doing what we can to help each other succeed, and having fun doing it.

Jack Hamm
Virtual Assistant

Lori Quick
VA / Digital Marketer

The 5 Day VA was a great push to help me make needed updates and build up the nerve to approach others and sell my services. The community and camaraderie was AMAZING and Hannah really took time to leave meaningful feedback, which absolutely impressed me. I loved the International community as well!


Answers to Your Questions

+ What are the requirements for this challenge?

Almost none! Access to a laptop and smartphone, plus good wifi and a good attitude are all that is required.

+ Can I really get a paying client in one week?

Absolutely, we've seen it happen many times in this challenge. We push you to do things you wouldn't normally do to get different results - if you're up for putting in the work you stand a much better chance at success. I'm always there to give you a soft push if I see you slacking too ;)

+ How is this delivered and how much time will it take?

You will have access to a learning portal for your lessons, plus a private Facebook community where you will get support along the way. There will be a few live Q&A sessions from Hannah in the group, so it is essential you join us there. I recommend putting aside at least one hour per day (in your own time) for this challenge - the more time you can give it the better though - as with anything!

+ This is a lot of free help, why do you do this?

I believe that everyone should have options, everyone should be aware of what those options are, and how they can make a start at a new life and career if that's what they choose. This challenge gives people the knowledge they need to either continue pursuing this career - or to realize it's simply not for them. There are opportunities for further career development after this 5 day program and you will be made aware of them.

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Your Instructor

Hannah Dixon
Hannah Dixon

Hannah Dixon is a Business Mentor and Strategist who has helped over 8000 millennials create location independent lifestyles through freelancing & entrepreneurship. After 10 years of continuous travel, she is considered a “digital nomad thought leader” and an expert in all things virtual assistance. She talks on stages internationally on topics such as 'Embracing Your Weird', Ethical Outsourcing, Digital Nomad Life and Freelancing. You can usually find Hannah in a hammock eating a burrito.